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17th Century

John Aubri, The Use Of The Horloge Or Dyale Azimuttal

Hilkiah Bedford, The Universal Ring-Dial
John Blagrave, The Art Of Dyalling In Two Parts
John Blagrave, Astrolabium Uranicum Generale
John Blagrave, The Mathematical Jewel
Richard Blome, The Gentleman’s Recreation
Christopher Brookes, A Nevv Quadrant
John Brown, The Description Of The Carpenters Rule
John Brown, Horologiographia or The Art Of Dyalling
John Brown, The Description And Use Of A Joynt-Rule
John Brown, The Triangular Quadrant

Gilbert Clerke, The Spot-Dial
John Collins, Geometrical Dyalling
John Collins, The Sector On A Quadrant

Mr. De la Hire, Gnomoniques, Or The Art Of Drawing Sun-Dials
Richard Delamain The Making Of A Horizontal Quadrant

Thomas Edwards, Dialling Made Easy: Or, Tables &c

Thomas Fale, Horolographia. The Art Of Dialling
Samuel Foster, The Art Of Dialling
Samuel Foster, The Description And Use Of The Nocturnal
Samuel Foster, The Description Of A Ruler
Samuel Foster, Elliptical Or Azimuthal Horologiography
Samuel Foster, The Uses Of A Quadrant

Edmund Gunther, His Maiesties Dials In White-Hall

J. H., The Description And Use Of A Quadrant
Walter Hayes, The Horological Ring-Dyal
John Holwell, A Key To Arithmetical Dyalling

Daniel King, De Sargues Universal Way Of Dialling

William Leybourn, Panorganon
William Leybourn, Dialling
William Leybourn, The Art Of Dialling
Francis Line (Father Hall), Appendix To The Pyramidical Dial

Adam Martindale, The Description Of A Plain Instrument
William Mather, The Young Man’s Companion
William Molyneux, Sciothericum Telescopicum
Silvanus Morgan, Horologiagraphia Optica
Samuel Morland, The Poor Man’s Dyall
Joseph Moxon, Globes
Joseph Moxon , Mechanic Dialling

William Oughtred, Dialling
William Oughtred, The Double Horizontall Dyall

John Palmer, The Catholique Planisphær
W. P, The Use Of The Nocturnal
W. P, The Use Of The Quadrant.

George Serle, Dialling Universal
John Smith, The Art Of Painting
Thomas Stirrup, Horometria Or The Compleat Diallist
Thomas Stirrup, The Universall Quadrat
Thomas Strode, A New & Easiemethod To The Art Of Dyalling
Samuel Sturmy, The Mariners Magazine
Henry Sutton, A Description & Use Of A Large Quadrant

Anthony Thompson, The Whole Art Of Reflex Dialling
Thomas Tuttell, Eliptical Double Dial & Equinoctial Dial
John Twysden, The Use Of The General Planisphere
John Twysden, The Semicircle On A Sector

John Wells, Sciographiaor The Art Of Shadovves
John Worgan, The Use Of The Universal Ring-Dial
Henry Wynne, The General Horological Ring-Dial

18th Century
19th and early 20th Century