(BSS Members Only)

You can download Report Forms from this page. Alternatively I can send you copies – just ask. See Notes for Dial Recorders and Guidelines for Completing the Form for help with using the Form.

Good. Download your choice of the MS Word or the PDF versions of the form. If you wish to complete your reports by hand, just print and use either of these, and send them in with your photographic prints.

Better! This is entirely acceptable, but it is preferable if you can complete the document on the computer. Either convert the .doc file to a Word Template for re-use, or copy the .doc file and re-name it each time you raise a new report. Alternatively, if you have Adobe Illustrator, you can complete the pdf that way. Either way, again print it and post it with your prints.

Best!! Even better is to forget about printing, and just attach the completed MS Word file, together with any jpegs, and send to registrar@sundialsoc.org.uk. It is helpful if the Subject Line includes the location of the dial, and the SRN if you know it. (Please do not send completed pdf files as attachments – the database is not designed to include them. The pdf form is only provided as a an option for completing the Form if sending it on paper.)