We have over 400 books and documents on dialling related subjects at the Bromley House Library, Nottingham (BHL). The books are catalogued by author and in 18 sub-categories such as modern sundial theory, historic and classic works, scientific instruments, dial construction, exhibition and auction catalogues, scratch dials, restoration, stone circles, astronomy, horology, dial registers and, of course, miscellaneous.


Bromley House (grade 2, listed) is an interesting and appropriate location for our Library. It was built in 1752 as a fine Town House. In 1822 it was taken over by Nottingham Subscription Library (renamed BHL in 2001). The main library is housed in a series of reading rooms with plaster ceilings, cornices and over mantels; the largest room has a gallery, accessed by a spiral staircase. There are fine clocks, barometers, a working meridian line and a recently restored wind direction indicator. To the rear there is a large walled garden, open to members. The first Photographic Studio in Nottingham, operated from 1841 to 1955, was located in the attics.


Bromley House, Angel Row, Nottingham. This is in the centre of Nottingham, close to the Old Market Square. A useful landmark is the nearby Central Library. The nearest car park is on Upper Parliament Street. Angel Row is in the apex formed by the convergence of Maid Marion Way and Upper Parliament Street. Nottingham Railway Station and Broad Marsh Bus Station are due south of Angel Row, about 12 minutes walk away.

Opening Times.

The Library hours are Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday 9:30 am to 12:30 pm see or phone 0115 9473134.  To gain access to Bromley House, you need to find the doorway, which is not very obvious, next to Barnardo’s Charity Shop. To be admitted BSS members must be able to provide proof of their identity either by showing their BSS membership card or by showing some personal ID such as their driving licence which will be checked against the current BSS membership list held at Bromley House. RAS members are asked to contact the Library in advance to give warning of their intended visit. In fact if BSS members know when they expect to visit the Library, for example for a period of research, it would be appreciated if they also give advance warning.  A catalogue of the BSS Reference Collection is available at the library desk.


BSS has Corporate Membership of Bromley House Library and this allows any current BSS member access to the Library and all the facilities, (tea, coffee and toilets). Members may browse any of the 35,000 Bromley House books and periodicals but these may not be borrowed. Equally, use of the BSS library is not exclusive to BSS members, any BHL member may also refer to them, but nobody may borrow them.

Library Catalogue.

This is available as a print version to Members only.


Members may consider donating books or other material in the fullness of time. However our shelf space is limited and so careful control is required. Consequently, duplicates of existing books, second printings and books with little dialling content have to be excluded either to be returned to the donor or to be offered for auction or sale within the Society. In order to ensure good control and accurate cataloguing, please contact Please do not take books directly to the Library at Nottingham.