The Register


The Fifth Edition of the Register was published in 2010. It lists the 6,700 recorded dials of the British Isles by County and was published in three versions. The full printed version, in two volumes, contains about 6,600 thumbnail pictures of the dials. An abridged, more portable, single volume edition was also printed and a searchable DVD edition was issued as well. See Books and Publications for information on how to obtain these.

The Recorder


For the annual Conference in 2003, our Registrar, Patrick Powers, created a new publication which he called The Recorder.  It was a most attractive four-page booklet, filled with interesting short articles on the Register, our recording members, and the dials.  It has now become an annual tradition, which I am glad to continue.  To see past issues, click below:

Recorder 2003 – Yarnfield
Recorder 2004 – Oxford
Recorder 2005 – Egham
Recorder 2006 – Durham
Recorder 2007 – Cambridge
Recorder 2008 – Latimer
Recorder 2009 – Grange
Recorder 2010 – Exeter
Recorder 2011 – Wyboston
Recorder 2012 – Cheltenham
Recorder 2013 – Edinburgh

The Newsletter

In most issues of the Newsletter, there has been a short piece from the Registrar.  See the Newsletter page for more information.