BSS Logo (yellow background)

Designed by then BSS Chairman Christopher St. J. H. Daniel in 1991, the emblem features on BSS publications as well as items such as ties and badges. It is a strong symbol, yet a simple and clear emblem based on the one class of dial which is fundamental to the whole art of dialling – the equinoctial (equatorial) sundial. Also the vertical gnomon is symbolic of the ancient obelisk, from which the science of gnomonics is popularly supposed to have been derived.  Examples of this type of sundial are shown below.

Equinoctial (equatorial) sundial    Img_9061a

“This diall, though of all the other; be the simplest, yet
he is the mother to all the rest, for out of him. as from
a root, is derived the projectment of those 24 houre lines
on any other great circle or plane whatsoever”

from Horometria: or the Compleat Diallist
Thomas Stirrup, London 1652