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How do sundials work?
What does the BSS emblem signify?
How did the BSS get started?
Is there a full listing of UK dials?
Can I see some photographs of dials?
How do I make a sundial for myself?
How can I find out more about Sundials?
A History of Sundials

The books and publications section of this site lists all of the important books on sundialling, many of which you can order from us.

Amongst these is the Sundial Glossary is a very comprehensive on-line reference encyclopaedia, including formulae for designing many different types of dial, pictures of dial types and parts and historical information on sundials and their makers. If you are carrying out research for a project it will prove to be an invaluable source of information.

If you find yourself coming back to this site regularly then you’ve probably become ‘hooked’ on sundials like the rest of us, and you should join our society. Members receive the quarterly Bulletin and many other benefits.

Why don’t you join us? Our¬†membership page¬†explains how you can sign up.

The Society has a pool of experienced lecturers who are prepared to give short talks of an informal nature, ranging from lectures on the history of dialling to technical details. Needless to say the lectures are always well illustrated! For more information contact the secretary,