A reminder that the BSS is hosting its first Zoom event on 17 April 2021 starting at 17:00 BST which equates to:

β€’ 09:00 PDT – West Coast of North America
β€’ 12:00 EDT – East Coast of North America
β€’ 16:00 UTC – Coordinated Universal Time (roughly GMT)
β€’ 17:00 BST/IST – UK and RoI
β€’ 18:00 CEST – Central Europe

The speakers will be:

Frank King – Welcome and Introduction
Roger Bailey – A Sundial Tour in the French Alps, featuring the historic sundials of G F Zarbula and the modern dials of Remi Potey
Woody Sullivan – Title tbc
Fred Sawyer – Hybrid Peaucellier Sundials – Dial Designs You’ve Never Seen Before

Questions submitted during the talks will be put to the speakers at the end and we expect the whole event to last about 90 minutes.


If you would like to attend, please email
The event is free and open to anyone worldwide; please tell your friends!

The accounts for the Society up until August 2014 are now available in the Accounts section of the Members Area. Members will need to log in to see this information: please contact the Webmaster in case of difficulty.

On the 20th. January over 120 pupils at Cheney School in Oxford learnt about the principles of solar time-keeping and ancient Greek and Roman dials, saw a demonstration of how they work and built their own hemicyclium dial – all within the space of an hour. The event, organised by the IRIS project as part of an ancient astronomy day, saw Chris Williams deliver a wide-ranging lecture on how the ancients told the time and the differences in their requirements for timekeeping and those we have today. An extract of the presentation, including various pictures of classical dials, can beΒ seen here.

David Brown then took over, first demonstrating how shadows vary depending on the time of yearΒ and why a hemicyclium is more practical than a hemispherical bowl,

before each pupil was presented with a kit to make their own.

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For members who are invited to give talks about sundials or the BSS, or for anyone who wishes to promote the Society’s activities, updated versions of the BSS brochure and flyer are now available for downloading and printing.

Name A4
Brochure – two-sided PDF
Flyer – one-up PDF
Flyer – two-up PDF

The brochure is two-sided and should be folded in three: if your printer does not handle duplex printing then print one side first, reinsert the paper (typically for inkjet printers the printed side should be uppermost but please do a test print first) and then print side two.

The flyer is available in two sizes: 1-up is A4, 2-up is for bulk use and produces two copies side-by-side on a single sheet with crop marks to help split in half after printing.