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Other Sundial Societies Worldwide

black arrow Austria Austria: Gnomonicae Societas Austriaca (GSA)

black arrow Belgium Belgium: Zonnewijzerkring Vlaanderen Notable for the Genk sundial park.

black arrow Canada Canada: La Commission des Cadrans solaires du Québec

black arrow France France: See “Commission des Cadrans Solaires” in Société Astronomique de France

black arrow Italy Italy: See “Quadranti Solari” in Unione Astrofili Italiani

black arrow Japan Japan:

black arrow Netherlands Netherlands: The Dutch Sundial Society De Zonnewijzerkring (Web site in English and Dutch)

black arrow Poland Poland: A very active group of sundial enthusiasts (Web site in Polish)

black arrow Spain Spain: Asociación de Amigos de los Relojes de Sol, also Societat Catalana de Gnomònica

black arrow SwitzerlandSwitzerland: Sonnenuhrenfreunde beider Basel

black arrow USA USA: The North American Sundial Society
The Web site carries many photographs and much general information about dialling and has a forum at where you can get your questions answered.

The Planetary Society sponsors the EarthDial project which links up sundials all over the world to Webcams that you can view on their Web site. See details of the Mars Dials (the first sundials in space) there, too.

Sundial-Related Organisations in the UK

black arrow The Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS) is a learned society formed in 1953. It exists as a charity to encourage the study of all matters relating to the art and history of time measurement, to foster and disseminate original research, and to encourage the preservation of examples of the horological and allied arts.

black arrow The British Horological Institute is concerned with maintaining standards of horology in this country by training and testing clock and watch makers and repairers. While originally founded to support and represent the trade, most of its members now are amateurs, including sundial makers.

black arrow The Clockmakers’ Company (The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers of London, in full) is the London livery company for sundial makers as well as clockmakers and welcomes sundial makers throughout the country.

black arrow The Ecclesiological Society
A society going back to 1839 which studies churches. With the enormous number of dials on church property, there is an obvious overlap.

black arrow The Royal Astronomical Society, based at Burlington House, with which the British Sundial Society is affiliated. Members should note that this gives them reciprocal rights to use one another’s libraries.

black arrow The Society for the History of Astronomy, founded in June 2002 as the UK’s national society specialising in the history of that great science. The Society’s Survey of the Astronomical Geography of the UK is already shedding light on the undiscovered local history of astronomy in all regions and at all levels.

Other Major Web Sites and Forums

black arrow The Sundial Mailing List
Serving the whole Internet dialling community and maintained by Daniel Roth. See for details.
Mail is archived at .
Daniel also has a huge list of links.

black arrow Sundials on the Internet
A primary source of information about all aspects of sundials. Maintained by Internetworks Ltd of Epsom, England.

black arrow
John Carmichael’s stained glass sundials site.

black arrow
Francois Blateyron’s site. Home of the free Shadows software.

black arrow Gnomonica,
Nichola Severino’s site (mostly in Italian), home of the International Gnomonic Bulletin

Other Links

Beginners’ Information

black arrow Royal Observatory Greenwich: Timekeeping factfiles including many sundial-related topics.

black arrow Making a Horizontal Sundial

black arrow Illustrating Shadows by Simon Wheaton-Smith includes downloadable artwork, DeltaCAD design macros and a guide to What Not To Buy.

black arrow The Sundial Primer on Carl Sabanski’s Web site includes sundial kits, including some you can download and make in card, presentations and purchasing and constructional tips. This site also hosts a Sundial Forum

Solar Ephemerides

black arrow Current Data on the NASS Website

black arrow Mean Solar values at 1200 GMT for 21st century

black arrow JPL’s Horizons system gives every value you could ask for to incredible accuracy

black arrow
A Hofer’s fantastic Planetarium for Palm PDAs

black arrow Solar Calculator – Great Circle Studio. Interactive Web site

black arrow SOLARIUM by Pierre J Dallet (4.4MB downloadable Zip file. In French)

black arrow 
Jonathan Sachs’s Ephemeris for Pocket PC (380KB dowload)

Particular Sundials

black arrow A Sundial for Mars



black arrow The Kirkdale Sun-Dial

black arrow Queens’ College Cambridge – Sundial

black arrow The proposed Solar Pyramid – the largest modern sundial in the world.

Museums in the UK

black arrow Museum of the History of Science, University of Oxford has perhaps the best sundial collection in the world.

black arrow Royal Observatory Greenwich has wonderful astrolabes and many fine sundials . See Collections.

black arrow The British Museum

black arrow The Clockmakers’ Company Museum

black arrow National Museum of Science & Industry includes the Science Museum

Software (Freeware or Shareware)

black arrow Dialist’s Companion published by NASS

black arrow EquaDecl by Fer de Vries

black arrow Orologi Solari by Gian Casalegno

black arrow Shadows by Francois Blateyron

black arrow Sonne and Alemma by Helmut Sonderegger

black arrow Sundial Align by Bill Gottesman

black arrow 
low cost design software for wall mounted dials, up to 60 degrees from south.

black arrow ZW2000 (also called Zonwvlak) and EquaDecl by Fer de Vries (or click on Links, then Downloads from his home page).

Research Tools

black arrow

black arrow Wikipedia

Sites with Photographs

black arrow A Polish site (text in Polish, but is being translated into English) at

black arrow Mike Shaw’s site has added information on Pilkington and Gibbs Heliochronometers.

black arrow John Carmichael has a Web site for Painted Wall Sundials, and another dedicated to Stained Glass Sundials

black arrow Sundials in Ireland

black arrow Sundials in Scotland

black arrow Sundials of Scotland (and other places)

black arrow Derbyshire Sundials

black arrow Sundials in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

black arrow Lucio Maria Morra makes exquisite mural sundials

black arrow Flickr has over 22000 photographs of sundials

black arrow Karl Schwarzinger has pictures, descriptions and explanations of many sundials in Austria and elsewhere on his site here.

black arrow Peter Lindner has hundreds of pictures of sundials in Germany, indexed by place name.

Miscellaneous Websites

black arrow When Time Began: The History and Science of Sundials on the Timecenter scheduling software site includes useful information and links.

black arrow Clocks Magazine , monthly, for clock collectors, repairers and makers worldwide

black arrow Longnow. A project to create a clock to run for 10,000 years

black arrow A Sundial that you can buy with proceeds going to charity

black arrow AECPORTICO is a leading information web portal for the UK construction industry.

black arrow Abacus Construction Index is a directory of recommended online resources for UK architects, engineers and other construction professionals.
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