We are taking a break from publishing Dials of the Month and instead plan a new, occasional feature describing members’ dials. Thanks to Julian Lush for providing the first example, which he made astonishingly quickly!

Further informal descriptions and pictures of dials by members are very welcome – please send to webmaster@sundialsoc.org.uk.

2 Responses to “Members dials”

  1. Pamela Lyman

    Delighted to have found an old sundial in garden.
    I would greatly appreciate assistance in dating it.

    Anyone interested?

    I live in Surrey!


    Pam Lyman

    • Registrar

      Dear Pam,
      That sounds fun! Can you describe it a bit? A photograph would be best, with measurement and any inscriptions that may not be readable in the photo. If you could email one to me at Registrar@bss.org I will see what I can tell you about it.
      Kind Regards,
      John (Foad) Registrar.


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