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The BSS Bulletin archive, previously published on CD, is now freely available on the website. At present issues from July 1989 (the first Bulletin) to December 2010 are provided as searchable PDFs. Members may be interested to see the original front covers from the first three editions since these went out of print quite quickly and were subsequently republished with the current cover design.

The archive page has two tabs: each issue is accessible via its thumbnail on the Volumes tab and the Articles tab has sortable columns for author, title and volume as well as a free text search for titles.

These 76 issues with nearly 1500 articles and more than 3500 pages of text represent an unparalleled body of knowledge about sundials which the BSS is pleased to make widely available.


1. Editorial
2. Use Or Ornament? – Harriet James
7. A Decorative Tile Dial – John Davis
8. The Decorative Arts of the Portable Dialmaker – Mike Cowham
15. Reader’s Letter – Brightmer
16. John Carmichael—Sundial Maker in Arizona – Douglas Bateman
21. Lewis Carroll’s Sundial – Kevin Karney and John Davis
22. Painting with Light—A sculptor’s take on sundialling – Tim Chalk
28. Some Kindersley Sundials – Lida Cardoza Kindersley
32. In the Footsteps of Thomas Ross. Part 8: The Haddington Bowl – Dennis Cowan
34. Solar Obelisks of Russia – Valery Dmitriev
35. Lettering on Sundials – Ben Jones
39. Postcard Potpourri 30. Sterling Forest Gardens, Tuxedo, NY State, USA – Peter Ransom
40. Inspiration and Design of Portable Sundials – Jackie Jones
43. A Vertical Decorative Dial
44. Restoration of the Sundial at All Saints’ Church, Isleworth – Patrick Powers
47. The Slaughton Park Sundial – Dennis Cowan
48. Engraved Decoration on English Horizontal Dials – John Davis


1. Editorial
2. Two Conical Sundials with Missing Gnomons in the Archaeological Museum of Athens – Evangelia Panou, Efstratios Theodossiou, Vassilios N Manimanis & Konstantinos Kalachanis
8. Sherlockian Dials – Anthony Capon
10. Two Tompion Sundials on Display in California – Douglas Bateman
12. A Chinese Book of Sundials and a Noon Mark in Australia – John Ward & Margaret Folkard
14. A ‘Brilliant’ Australian Sundial – Kevin Karney & Grant Calvin
17. A New Analemmatic Dial in Brighton – Jackie Jones
18. Sundials on Boulders – Martins Gills (PDF 532 KB)

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