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This unusual equatorial sundial was designed by BSS member Robert Scott Simon in 1988.  The time scale is mounted at the end of a long sloping support, and rotational adjustment is provided to twist the dial by means of an adjustment screw, according to the Equation of Time correction needed for 25 different date settings. Time marks on the Equator band show the hours using Arabic numerals from 8am to 9pm, with half hour divisions. An explanatory plaque is fitted to the concrete pedestal.


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Thanks to the continuing generosity of Tony Moss, the BSS is now able to offer detailed designs for 67 sundials, calibrated for the whole of England and, on this significant date, the major cities in Scotland. Instructions for selecting the correct dial and making it are included. Please visit this page for details.

The correct dial for your latitude can be found using the Latitude Finder page. This allows you to select your location from a Google map orsearch for an address, postcode or national grid reference. As well as allowing the PDF of the relevant dial to be downloaded it also returns your latitude and longitude, national grid reference etc.

Jackie gave a fascinating talk at the Greenwich Conference about her reflecting ceiling dial. Watch the video for an insight into her year-long project and and to see the beautiful result:

Frank King’s highly entertaining talk at the Greenwich Conference covered ring dials and much more – royalty, jewellery and even railway turntables:

Members who attended the Greenwich Conference in April will have heard David Payne describe his black granite cube dial, the second of fifteen he plans as a sundial trail in North Burlingham near Great Yarmouth. Details of the trail are available here and a map showing the woods with the two current dials is also available.