The British Sundial Society

Promoting the Art and Science of Gnomonics since 1989

Welcome to the BSS Website

Since 1989 The British Sundial Society has promoted the understanding of sundials by collecting detailed information on dials in the UK, publishing the quarterly BSS Bulletin containing a wide range of articles on all aspects of dialling and running annual conferences for members.

On this website you can query and locate interesting dials, learn how dials work, get practical tips on how to construct dials or contact experts in all aspects of dialling. Details of the Society's publications and events are also available.

If you would like to learn more or have questions on any aspect of dialling, please contact the relevant members. In the meantime, please enjoy our website.

Members who attended the Greenwich Conference in April will have heard David Payne describe his black granite cube dial, the second of fifteen he plans as a sundial trail in North Burlingham near Great Yarmouth. Details of the trail are available here and a map showing the woods with the two current dials is also available.



Two significant flagship policies have recently come to fruition: our new website is up and running and the Society is now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). I’m sure you will all join me in congratulating Bill Visick and Chris Williams for their Herculean labours. Together these go along way to making the Society fit for purpose in the modern world and better able to meet our charitable object – educating the public in the science and art of gnomonics.

We have put an initial selection of dials recorded by the Society on the website – again I’m sure you will all join me in congratulating John Foad. We plan to put further dials on the website along with our older Bulletins and other educational material recently donated by Tony Moss.

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1. Editorial

2. An Oxford Sundial Mystery – Frank H. King

9. New Dials (1)

10. A Craftsman’s Hand Helped Skirlaugh Sundial to Live On – Margaret Ribchester

11. Three Danish Sundials – David Hawker

13. Dialling Tales: The Day That I Said “No” – Christopher Daniel

14. Sundials in the Desert Lands of Central Australia – Marg Folkard & John Ward

17. Promoting the Society – Doug Bateman & Jackie Jones

17. Postcard Potpourri 31. Marsden Park, Nelson – Peter Ransom

18. A Seventeenth-century Halachic Horizontal Sundial by Robert Jole – Maciej Lose

23. Holiday Pictures

24. The Eaton Hall Sundial Pillar. A moving story of deviant orientation – J. Mike Shaw

28. New Dials (2)

29. Book Review – Lester

30. A Calendar Dial for Installation on the Moon – Allan Mills

33. A Vari-purpose Vertical Sundial – John Moir

34. BSS 25th Anniversary Conference, Greenwich, 25-27 April, 2014 – Jim Holland

39. Manchester Railway Dial – JD

40. Unexpected Aspects of Anniversaries, or: Early sundials, widely travelledHelmut Sonderegger

45. BSS 25th Anniversary Photographic Competition, 2013-14 – Ian Butson

48. New Dials (3)