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A reminder that the BSS is hosting its first Zoom event on 17 April 2021 starting at 17:00 BST which equates to:

• 09:00 PDT – West Coast of North America
• 12:00 EDT – East Coast of North America
• 16:00 UTC – Coordinated Universal Time (roughly GMT)
• 17:00 BST/IST – UK and RoI
• 18:00 CEST – Central Europe

The speakers will be:

Frank King – Welcome and Introduction
Roger Bailey – A Sundial Tour in the French Alps, featuring the historic sundials of G F Zarbula and the modern dials of Remi Potey
Woody Sullivan – Title tbc
Fred Sawyer – Hybrid Peaucellier Sundials – Dial Designs You’ve Never Seen Before

Questions submitted during the talks will be put to the speakers at the end and we expect the whole event to last about 90 minutes.


If you would like to attend, please email conf2021@sundialsoc.org.uk.
The event is free and open to anyone worldwide; please tell your friends!

We regret that due to Covid-19 the April 2020 conference in York cannot be held. The Society’s next conference will be held between 16-18 April 2021 in Exeter. Further information on the Exeter conference will be posted later in the year.

Frank King first tried to observe a Transit of Mercury in November 1960 but his equipment wasn’t up to the job. Somewhat late in the day, he had a second attempt on Monday 11 November 2019. He has sent in this photograph – click to see a larger version.

You can see part of an image of the sun projected onto a screen by a telescope at the University of Cambridge Institute of Asronomy. Mercury can be seen as a tiny, but obvious, dot. The dark wispy features are clouds. By careful study of the black shape on the left, you will see a silhouette of part of Frank’s mobile telephone supported by his well-manicured right thumb.

Frank explains that he was unable to get a decent photograph without standing between the telescope and the screen.

The regular one-day BSS meeting will be held as usual wat Sutton Hall, Stockcross, Newbury RG20 8LN on Saturday 26th. September from 10:00 until 4:00. There will be exhibits of dials and related material, talks and a bookstall.

Full details are available here. Thanks as ever to David Pawley for organising the event.

No need to book, just turn up on the day. Guests are welcome, as are long-standing members and first-time visitors. Do come along to this highly popular event, and have a most enjoyable and relaxing day out.

Jackie gave a fascinating talk at the Greenwich Conference about her reflecting ceiling dial. Watch the video for an insight into her year-long project and and to see the beautiful result:

Frank King’s highly entertaining talk at the Greenwich Conference covered ring dials and much more – royalty, jewellery and even railway turntables: