This globe dial came originally from Torridon House in Bearsden, but now stands in front of the main University building, to the east of the tower. It was bequeathed to the University in 1964 and erected in 1971.

The sphere is carved with hour lines superimposed upon a map of the world, with oceans and continents, with all 24 hours marked around the equator. The location of the noon line, and staining, show that the time was originally indicated by meridional fins, now missing.  Small brass vertical dials are mounted at the cardinal points on the horizontal diameter. Around the base support is the widely used motto: ‘Horas non numero nisi serenas’.  A flat tabular finial carries its own horizontal slate dial, with Zodiac names, symbols and dates around its support. The dial is ascribed to Lord Kelvin, though it is possible that it was the work of his father James Thompson, professor of Mathematics at the University from 1832 until 1849.


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