The Society holds regular competitions, every other year for Photos and typically every five years for Sundials. This page will give details of forthcoming competitions and contains the results of recent ones.




In 1922, Professor Hugo Michnik, invented the bifilar sundial. In the original version, the bifilar sundial has two non-touching threads parallel to the horizontal dial. The second thread is orthogonal to the first. The intersection of the two threads’ shadows gives the local apparent time.

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BSS comp TC3 1

The sundial in its setting with some of the accompanying sculptural and landscaping work.

Visitor Interpretation Area
Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve
Longitude: 4.2º West
Latitude: 56.55º North

Client: National Trust for Scotland
Designed and made by Tim Chalk
Concrete casting by Gray Concrete

Commissioned January 2012
Completed June 2012

Dial Type: Free standing vertical Dial with angled solar calendar slab
Materials: Cast Glass Reinforced Concrete, Cor-ten Steel
Dimensions: 1.2 metres(h) x 800mm(w) x 100mm(d)

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Installed: 2011
SRN 7352

Location: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Co-ordinates: 51⁰32’25.1”N 0⁰01’05.46”W

Dimensions: approx. 6m x 4.5m
Materials: Date scale: stainless steel details set into welsh blue-black slate.
Hour points (2 sets), cardinal points, sunrise/set markers, instructions: stainless steel.
Background: Non-slip concrete.

Designed, orientated and delineated by David Brown
Construction by gardening subcontractors Willerby Landscapes of Edenbridge, Kent.

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double H photo

Octagonal plate, 520mm across flats, 28mm thick
Gnomon, water-jet cut brass and slate 12mm thick, 400mm long.
Cursor: water-jet cut and stove enamelled etching, on stainless steel pin.

Materials: Plate: Welsh blue-black slate, brass, stainless steel

Location : In private ownership, Lat. approx. 51⁰N

Designed, delineated and hand cut by David Brown

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Installed 2014

Dimensions: 4.5m diameter in plan

Materials: Hour points, hour lines and motto in Cumbrian green slate
Principal background in Portland stone.
Sunburst in Indian red granite
Gnomon in stainless steel 25mm thick
Equation of time plaque with credits is in stainless steel

Inclination: 12.5⁰
Location: Eureka Park, Swadlincote, Derbyshire: 52⁰46’41.45’’N, 1⁰33’12.27’’W

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BSS comp TC4 1

General view of the sculpture

The West Port
West Lothian

Longitude: 3.6º West
Latitude: 55.96º North

Client: West Lothian Council; Commissioned from the Provost’s Fund
Designed and made by Tim Chalk
Concrete casting by Gray Concrete
Bronze casting by Powderhall Bronze

Commissioned October 2009
Completed March 2011

Dial Type: Free standing Horizontal Dial
Materials: Bronze, Cast Glass reinforced Concrete, Granite Setts
Dimensions: 2 metres(h) x 1.2 metres(w) x 1 metre(d)

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