It is a sad fact that dials are stolen from time to time.  If you hear of a theft, please if possible make sure it is reported immediately to the Police, and let the Registrar know the details, including the date, police station, crime reference number, and owner’s contact.  We have been able in the recent past to help with the return of dials to their owners, by providing the Police with photos and detailed descriptions.  The Registrar can also get the details placed on the Police’s own Art and Antiques Register of stolen items.

Sometimes you may see a dial in an antique shop or in an auctioneer’s catalogue, and wonder if it may have been stolen.  There are two things you can do:

1.  Let The Registrar know what details you can (type, shape, size, maker, date, other inscriptions …).  The Registrar can easily check whether it is one of our registered dials and if so can contact the seller.

2.  You can look for yourself on our list of dials that are known or believed to have been stolen – just click here.  Again, if you think you have located one of these dials, please let the Registrar know.