The Bulletin is the journal of the British Sundial Society. It comprises scientific and other papers, mainly contributed by society members and covering their fields of interest. It also carries reports of the principal society meetings and reviews of relevant books and papers from other journals. It is published four times a year in distinctive yellow covers; each number at the moment contains 48 full-colour pages. Members all receive their own copy and copies are kept in certain specialized libraries.

I will be glad to receive articles or other material related to sundials for consideration for publication in the Bulletin. For advice on preparing material for inclusion in the Bulletin please Guidelines for Contributors.

All articles are copyright of the BSS and their authors.

Dr J Davis – BSS Editor,

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Recent editions:

A complete list of Contents from 1989 to the latest issue is available here or can be downloaded in Word format.

Earlier articles

Bulletin 25(ii) June 2013 page 18. A Garden Heliochronometer (a mean-time horizontal dial) — Martin Hogbin
Bulletin 25(i) March 2013 page 30. The Duncraggan Stone – Alastair Hunter
Bulletin 24(iv) December 2012 page 47. The Meridies Media Greenwich Noon Dial – Christopher Daniel
Bulletin 24(iii) September 2012 page 36. A Medieval Equinoctial Dial Excavated at St James’s Priory, Bristol – John Davis and Cai Mason
Bulletin 24(ii) June 2012 page 22. The Brunson Universal Sun Compass – David Le Conte
Bulletin 24(i) March 2012 page 43. The Scaphe Sundial at Hever Castle, Kent – David Brown
Bulletin 23(iii) September 2011 page 2. A Medieval Gunter’s Quadrant? – John Davis
Bulletin 23(ii) June 2011 page 44. A Stained Glass Sundial with a Magnetic Gnomon – John Carmichael

Bulletin 23(i) March 2011 page 2. The Restoration of the Sundial at Stutton Hall, Suffolk – Harriet James
Bulletin 22(iii) September 2010 page 40. An Unrecorded Silesian Sundial By John Rowley – Maciek Lose
Bulletin 22(ii) June 2010 page 38. An Unusual Slate Sundial – Mike Cowham
Bulletin 22(i) March 2010 page 14. The English Scratch & Mass Dial Era: Origins to c.1250 – Chris H.K. Williams
Bullertin 21(iv) December 2009 page 2. The Pantheon as a Timekeeper – Robert Hannah
Bulletin 21(iii) September 2009 page 2. A Universal Altitude Dial by John Marke – Michael Lowne & John Davis
Bulletin 21(ii) June 2009 page 34. A Lead Domestic Windowsill Dial – Peter Baxandall 
Bulletin 21 (i) March 2009 page 2. A North-facing Polarization Sundial of Varying Hue – Allan Mills
Bulletin 20 (iv) December 2008 page 154. The Universal East and West Polar Dial – Mike Cowham
Bulletin 20 (iii) September 2008 page 102. An Early Meridian Line in a Former Stately Home, Hampshire – Douglas Bateman
Bulletin 20 (ii) June 2008 page 68. Making Porcelain Sundials – Elena F Vasilevskay & Aleksandr M Boldyrev
Bulletin 19 (iv) December 2007 page 179 John Rowell: Plumber and Stained Glass Dial Maker – John Davis
Bulletin 19 (iv) December 2007 page 146 Daniel O’Connell: Teacher and Slate Sundial Maker – Michael Harley
Bulletin 19 (iii) September 2007 page 137 Declination Lines Detailed – Tony Belk
Bulletin 19 (iii) September 2007 page 125 Sundial Supporters Revisited – Roger Bowling
Bulletin 19 (iii) September 2007 page 105 Noon Cannons: A Sundial Conceit – Piers Nicholson

Back Issues

Back numbers of the Bulletin are available for Members and Non-members as a DVD-R which contains the first 82 issues, see Publications for details. Please contact for more information.