The British Sundial Society

Promoting the Art and Science of Gnomonics since 1989


1. Editorial

2. An Oxford Sundial Mystery – Frank H. King

9. New Dials (1)

10. A Craftsman’s Hand Helped Skirlaugh Sundial to Live On – Margaret Ribchester

11. Three Danish Sundials – David Hawker

13. Dialling Tales: The Day That I Said “No” – Christopher Daniel

14. Sundials in the Desert Lands of Central Australia – Marg Folkard & John Ward

17. Promoting the Society – Doug Bateman & Jackie Jones

17. Postcard Potpourri 31. Marsden Park, Nelson – Peter Ransom

18. A Seventeenth-century Halachic Horizontal Sundial by Robert Jole – Maciej Lose

23. Holiday Pictures

24. The Eaton Hall Sundial Pillar. A moving story of deviant orientation – J. Mike Shaw

28. New Dials (2)

29. Book Review – Lester

30. A Calendar Dial for Installation on the Moon – Allan Mills

33. A Vari-purpose Vertical Sundial – John Moir

34. BSS 25th Anniversary Conference, Greenwich, 25-27 April, 2014 – Jim Holland

39. Manchester Railway Dial – JD

40. Unexpected Aspects of Anniversaries, or: Early sundials, widely travelledHelmut Sonderegger

45. BSS 25th Anniversary Photographic Competition, 2013-14 – Ian Butson

48. New Dials (3)

For members who are invited to give talks about sundials or the BSS, or for anyone who wishes to promote the Society’s activities, updated versions of the BSS brochure and flyer are now available for downloading and printing.

Name A4 US Letter
Brochure – two-sided PDF PDF
Flyer – one-up PDF PDF
Flyer – two-up PDF PDF

The brochure is two-sided and should be folded in three: if your printer does not handle duplex printing then print one side first, reinsert the paper (typically for inkjet printers the printed side should be uppermost but please do a test print first) and then print side two.

The flyer is available in two sizes: 1-up is A4 or US Letter, 2-up is for bulk use and produces two copies side-by-side on a single sheet with crop marks to help split in half after printing.

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