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There are now over 4000 dials in Bridol, the on-line subset of the Society’s Fixed Dial Register of British dials. The Bridol display has recently been revised and offers a number of capabilities that may interest the armchair diallist.

Chief among these is closer integration between the list and map views. Any set of dials selected by the filters can be shown as a sortable list or on a map, using tabs to switch views. Clicking an individual dial in the list view reveals it on the map with detailed information and a thumbnail  that links to photos of the dial:

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We are pleased to announce that a new version of Bridol is now available on the site, adding nearly 2,000 extra dials. Full details and photographs are provided for the majority of dials although, as before, private dials are excluded and particularly vulnerable ones have their location withheld. Those marked as ‘Access: Restricted’ may be open only at certain times and may require an entrance fee. Those marked ‘Access: Visible’ can be easily seen from a public place, but may not be viewable close up.

Bridol can be found in the menus under Sundials/British Dials/List or /Map: the list view allows various ways of filtering the dials: by location (place name or postcode), type, condition, county or date. Alternatively you can enter any text you are interested in into the search box.

If you prefer to have the dials on your own computer or tablet, the same set, in a slightly different format, is available as a pdf on DVD or USB Memory Stick. Ask for ‘The Sundial Register’ from Elspeth Hill at The cost is £15 plus postage.

The British Sundial Society is pleased to announce its sixth awards scheme for excellent sundials. The only requirement is that the dials must have been made or restored between January 2016 and December 2020; otherwise this is an open competition.

Entries in the form of one or more photographs and a brief description are invited from amateurs, professionals, members and non-members, from the UK and overseas. Awards (in the form of certificates) will be made for new sundials and for sundial restoration projects, and for entries from juniors, schools and other youth groups.

Please send entries to Doug Bateman in the form of emails and attachments. Entries must be submitted by 31st December 2020.

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For obvious reasons it has not been possible to run the Photo Competition at the Conference in the normal way. Instead, the entries can be seen at the link below and members are invited to vote for the winners as described in the June Newsletter. Don’t leave it too long, the deadline for voting is 18th. July!

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We regret that due to Covid-19 the April 2020 conference in York cannot be held. The Society’s next conference will be held between 16-18 April 2021 in Exeter. Further information on the Exeter conference will be posted later in the year.

Anyone interested promoting the BSS can now purchase T-shirts with the BSS logo. They are made on demand by BSS member Martins Gills through his “Cat in Space” online shop. Various logo versions, shirt colours and sizes are available. Use this link for direct access to the collection: Martins has kindly provided the discount code “BSSoffer” which can be used during the checkout process and provides a reduced price of £13.70 including all taxes and shipping.

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