The British Sundial Society

Promoting the Art and Science of Gnomonics since 1989

This event is being held on the THIRD Saturday of September this year, rather than on the usual fourth Saturday of September.

We are again meeting at Sutton Hall, Stockcross, Newbury RG20 8LN (directions below).

Exhibits – Talks – Bookstall

Beautiful country village setting. Plenty of free parking. Modernised village hall with ample space, tables and chairs for all your interesting displays (indoors and outside) of sundials, models, photos etc. Please include a card with your name on any displays.

Please bring something along:

  • Dials: finished, or in progress
  • Pictures
  • Paraphernalia

Speakers welcome – 10-minute talks / demos. Please e-mail David Pawley with suggestions for talks, ideally before mid-September 2019 if possible.

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There has been considerable media interest following Frank’s observations about decreasing understanding of sundials, the latest being an item about dials in Cambridge from the local BBC radio station. Listen to it here, the item starts at about 54m 30s and runs for about 4 minutes.

There’s also a more extensive article in The Daily Mail which at least picks up the concern over a decline in understanding of geometrical concepts – with all this publicity, perhaps things will change!

UPDATED 28th February: media interest continues, apparently unabated. There is further coverage at Anglia Regional News. Spotting the possibly new type of sundial is left as an exercise for the viewer!

In a recent item on the BBC News website the Society’s Chairman talks about the challenges of getting young people interested in sundials and his own passion for timekeeping in any form. Read the article to see why letter carver Lida Cardozo describes Frank as an alchemist and we also offer a helpful refresher on spherical triangles!

Updated 19th Feb: this story has been picked up by The Telegraph, highlighting the decline in interest in sundials among young people despite there being other applications for such mathematical insight including spaceships and driverless cars. Suggestions as to how to encourage a wider appreciation and understanding of sundials, particularly among young people. are welcome.

Following the temporary suspension of the Members Area while we confirmed our hosting company’s GDPR compliance, I’m pleased to say that they have updated their policies and access to the Member’s Area has now been reinstated.