Here is a recent entry to the 2020 BSS Sundial Design And Restoration Awards which describes a beautiful armillary dial in Sepang, Malaysia that elegantly combines calligraphy with the shape of the dial and the name of the hotel where it is located. Follow the link or click the picture for full details.

BSS Sundial Design And Restoration Awards 2020

There’s still time to enter the competition, so for those who have been creating dials during lockdown now is the time to share! For more information, see details of the competition.

12 Responses to “Ta Ha Sundial, Sepang, Malaysia”

  1. Shasha

    This is beautiful! It’s an amazing piece of structure.

  • Sofia Hussein

    Gorgeous! I want one!!

  • Fiz

    Innovative use of modern technology of QR code to extend usefulness of sundial.

  • Nor Azam Mat Noor

    1. Innovative use of modern technology of QR code to extend usefulness of sundial. 2. Creative use of the logo of the organisation to make the sundial.
    3. Beautiful design
    4. Probably the first sundial ever to have its own website.
    5. Beautiful blend of traditional Islamic geometrical art and science
    6. Appropriate armillary design for equatorial region.

  • Kassim Bahali

    Beautiful design of Islamic art

  • Elida Bustaman

    Such a beautiful union of art, science and spirituality.



  • Eskahn

    Gorgeous design – Cool to know that our Independence Day was also denoted! Download the pdf to know more about the details in the design.

  • Ilya Maisarah

    That looks amazing!

  • Zaf


  • Ahmad Hisan Ahmad Wafa

    Very nice!!

  • Abdul Haq

    A very innovative synthesis of ancient and modern technologies. The very ancient technology of sundials has been enhanced with a modern technology website that provides further background information on sundials and astronomy. Together, the sundial and the website can be conveniently used as pedagogical tools for teaching of Earth and Solar motions etc.
    The access to the website vis QR code is in keeping with the present ubiquitous smartphones in the hands of almost everyone nowadays.

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