Another recent entry to the 2020 BSS Sundial Design And Restoration Awards is David Brown’s restoration of a large, polyhedral dial which required extensive repairs and reconstruction, fully described in the submission.

David writes:

The Gloucestershire owner of this 650kg fine-grained sandstone sundial, missing all its gnomons and delineations, wanted it restored to working order. Large holes, where the original gnomons had been fixed with molten lead, had collected rainwater and insects over two hundred years and moss, algae and grime had darkened all the surfaces. After cleaning, drying and surface re-shaping was undertaken. Plain sundials were designed and cut for the 25 exposed faces over a period of several months during the Covid-19 outbreak.The completed sundial was transported back to Gloucester in September and set on a new sandstone cube standing on its original base stone.

Here are the details and more pictures.

BSS Sundial Design And Restoration Awards 2020

There’s still time to enter the competition, so for those who have been creating dials during lockdown now is the time to share! For more information, see details of the competition.

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