Frank King’s highly entertaining talk at the Greenwich Conference covered ring dials and much more – royalty, jewellery and even railway turntables:

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  1. Roger Bailey

    Wow, thanks Frank for the presentation. Sorry that you could not make it to NASS, We had several other members that had to cancel for medical reasons. We are all aging. As I age, I act more like your small boy, always being curious, always trying things even is they don’t work. Sometimes I bump into things, other peoples ideas and go off on a different direction, coming to understand the concept from a different perspective. My NASS talk on “Lunacy? An Analemmatic Sundial” was like a shadow of your Extreme Ring Dial talk on the concept that it doesn’t work in a conventional manner but how in our imaginations can we make it work?. In a later talk Fred Sawyer showed how Cannon Pierre George had been there and done that in 1660! Perhaps. Best Wishes, Roger Bailey


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