This large dial (it is about four feet square) is mounted on the wall of the south aisle of the church of St Editha.   It was delineated by the Rev M Ward  in 1822, and replaces a dial installed just 30 years earlier.  The plate was made by H Mitchell in Leicestershire slate, and the sturdy gnomon, originally gilded, is signed by S Hilton.   The total cost came in at £16 13s.  In the centre of the plate, the Rev Ward placed an EoT table, with the adjustment in minutes for 16 key dates.  No correction for longitude is made, of course, as the dial predates the introduction of ‘Railway Time’ in 1847/48.  The dial is marked with the latitude of Tamworth, and the declination of the church wall.  One unusual feature is the inscription along the base of the gnomon “Sun in Plane of Gnomon at 18m 18s past XI”.   Churchwardens names often feature largely on church verticals.  In this case they are recorded, but in very small type in the top left hand corner.
If you visit the church, note also the unusual double spiral staircase in the SW corner of the west tower.
Thanks to John Lester for the information and the illustrations.

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