Congratulations to Mike Shaw, winner of the 2020 Competition with Time…Flys, taken in a private garden in Wirral.


Congratulations also to Ian Butson who achieved both second and third places with Singing In Time, from Parade Gardens in Bath, and Amongst the Flowers, I Count the Hours from Duncombe Park, Helmsley.

Read on for the remaining entries and photographers:

The other entries were:
John Allen – Double Winter Time (Augsburg, Bavaria), The Third Dimension (Inverleith Park, Stockbridge, Edinburgh) and
Time Standing Still (Kintyre, Scotland):

Ian Butson – —and Lo, Night Cometh (The Causeway, Marlow):

David Hawker – NT Not Expecting Winter Sun and A Thorny Location (both from Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst, Kent) and Sundial Tuition Down House (Darwin’s house, Downe, Kent):

Congratulations and thanks to all the entrants.

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