The Results !

The Winners (click on thumb-nail in last column to see larger image)

Entry No. Title Photographer Position Thumb-nail
11 Ship’s Time JR Davis WINNER Ship's Time
10 It’s Too Early For Ice Cream ! M Isaacs 2nd. It's Too Early For Ice Cream
22 Strictly For The Birds JP Lester 3rd. Strictly For The Birds

The other top ten entries – in Entry Number not Position order

Enrtry Number Title Photographer Position Thumb-nail
4 After a Shower at Burghley House M Cowham Top Ten After a Shower at Burghley House
8 Red Sky In The Morning JR Davis Top Ten Red Sky In The Morning
9 Many Times M Brightmer Top Ten Many Times
12 Double Time M Cowham Top Ten Double Time
15 Time Lines IR Butson Top Ten Time Lines
18 The Bishop’s Dial JR Davis Top Ten The Bishop's Dial
20 Do You Get Paid For That Job ? M Cowham Top Ten Do You Get Paid For that Job ?

The remaining entries – again in Entry Number not Position order

Entry Number Title Photographer Thumb-nail
1 A Vintage Sundial A Hayton A Vintage Sundial
2 Time Slip – or Late Lunch ? M Isaacs Time Slip - or Late Lunch ?
3 Accidental Gnomon RD Hicks Accidental Gnomon
5 Cadran Anglais AO Wood Cadran Anglais
6 Marked by Time S-O Larsson Marked By Time
7 Time Expired IR Butson Time Expired
13 Summer Solstice – Noon AO Wood Summer Solstice - Noon
14 Time On His Hands M Brightmer Time On His Hands
16 Dawn of Time or Time of Dawn ? S-O Larsson Dawn of Time or Time of Dawn
17 Look, There’s a Nice Little Dial For You AO Wood Look, There's a Nice Little Dial For You
19 A Quiet Corner IR Butson A Quiet Corner
21 Hedged In M Brightmer Hedged In

This year’s competition attracted twenty two entries, slightly down on last year’s record of thirty one. However, all the judges agreed that the standard of the submitted entries was higher than ever – and we all thought last year’s was the best so far.

This higher standard made judging even more difficult and, as announced, entries were judged strictly according to the rules

The results were normalised to allocate a consistent one thousand points for each judge, these to be distributed amongst all entries in proportion to each judge’s original markings.

The extraordinary consistency of the judging process can be seen from the figure.

Normalised Markings for Ship's Time

Last year five out six judges placed the eventual winning entry at the top of their lists. This was certainly not the case this time! The general excellence of the entries made determining the eventual winner much more difficult with two judges even awarding a tie for the top place – and that after normalisation too. This difficulty in identifying the eventual winning entries was of course reflected at the Conference by considerable disagreement between those viewing the entries. It made for a very stimulating exhibition.

The Council has confirmed that the Competition will run again in 2008 and entry forms will be issued with the September Bulletin. So, if after reading this and looking at some of the winning entries you feel you could do as well or better, then please have your camera with you when out and about this summer.

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