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This article in the Architectural Digest gives an interesting description of the Buscot Obelisk created by our patron, Sir Mark Lennox-Boyd, to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The obelisk forms the focal point of an Egyptian garden at Buscot Park which is open to the public. For details see

This is a reminder that the most recent BSS Monograph, number 10, is now available. “De Cursu Solis: Medieval Azimuthal Sundials” by Mario Arnaldi covers the development of these dials based on source materials dating from the 10th century onwards. It comprises 58 pages with numerous black & white photographs, diagrams and tables. For more details and to see other BSS publications, please look at our price list.


Our Silver Anniversary year has arrived and it is a great tribute to our Founding Fathers and many, many others that we have flourished so mightily since our foundation.

The Society has numerous monumental achievements to its credit. In particular, it has created a body of knowledge and expertise exemplified by our Bulletin, our Registers and by the free advice we give to the public.

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This year, being the Society’s Silver Jubilee, we are having an extended, three-day conference in Greenwich, the home of time measurement and the root of the Prime Meridian of the world. The conference will be held from April 24th to 27th and details of the arrangements are available here. Or you can cut out the middle man and skip download the booking form directly from here.

2014 thumb

As an early part of the Society’s 25th anniversary celebrations we are pleased to provide a full colour calendar for 2014 which you can download and print.

The webmaster apologies for his late posting of this item which has limited the opportunity to enjoy January. However, it is at least in time for the Chinese New Year on the 31st. – best wishes for 2014 and enjoy the Year of the Horse!.