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BSS comp TC4 1

General view of the sculpture

The West Port
West Lothian

Longitude: 3.6º West
Latitude: 55.96º North

Client: West Lothian Council; Commissioned from the Provost’s Fund
Designed and made by Tim Chalk
Concrete casting by Gray Concrete
Bronze casting by Powderhall Bronze

Commissioned October 2009
Completed March 2011

Dial Type: Free standing Horizontal Dial
Materials: Bronze, Cast Glass reinforced Concrete, Granite Setts
Dimensions: 2 metres(h) x 1.2 metres(w) x 1 metre(d)

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This sundial was inspired by the fashion for Egyptian motifs, colours and symbolism in Art Deco of the 1920s.

BSS Comp HJ.1
Completed in 2013 and designed by Dr Peter Bristow, it is one of four made for his garden in Oxfordshire by Harriet James.

BSS Comp HJ.2


BSS Comp HJ.3

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BSS comp TC2 1

View of the front of the finished Sundial

Strathallan School

Client: Strathallan School
Longitude: 3.5º West
Latitude: 56.35º North

Designed and made by Tim Chalk

Commissioned April 2014, completed October 2014

Dial Type: Free standing Vertical Dial
Materials: Cast Glass reinforced Concrete with bronze and sandblasted glass details
Dimensions: 1.2 metres diameter x 100mm deep

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BSS comp TC 1

Detail of the completed Sundial

Rutland Square Gardens
Rutland Square
Edinburgh EH1 2AS

Client: The Rutland Square Garden Association
Longitude: 3.2º West
Latitude: 55.9º North

Designed and made by Tim Chalk
Commissioned July 2014
Completed April 2015

Dial Type: Equatorial Dial
Materials: Cast Glass reinforced Concrete with bronze and gold leaf details
Dimensions: 400mm diameter

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