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Multi-dial assembled

The MultiDial combines a Vertical, Polar and Horizontal dial and can be adjusted for latitudes between 50° and 57°. The templates for the design should be downloaded, printed and cut out:

J. Cut Out
Drape the exposed adhesive sheet as in the picture to avoid wrinkles:
Laying papers
Cut out using a Stanley knife or similar and a steel rule on a suitable base. e.g. hardboard.
Cut the sloped lines for latitude *before* folding and glue using e.g. PVA wood adhesive.
Clothes peg clamping

Glued up
A length of bamboo kebab skewer is included for the polestyle gnomon.
‘Score’ the chain lines before folding with e.g. a blunt knife
Use the pointed end to pierce the dial origins *before* folding.
Assemble the ‘O’ ring nodus as you incline the polestyle on assembly.
The print is inkjet so isn’t waterproof. Spray a coat of matter clear lacquer to protect if desired.

If you would like to alter the details of the design, the templates are available can be downloaded in Adobe Illustrator format for editing:


1. Editorial
2. Two Conical Sundials with Missing Gnomons in the Archaeological Museum of Athens - Evangelia Panou, Efstratios Theodossiou, Vassilios N Manimanis & Konstantinos Kalachanis
8. Sherlockian Dials - Anthony Capon
10. Two Tompion Sundials on Display in California - Douglas Bateman
12. A Chinese Book of Sundials and a Noon Mark in Australia - John Ward & Margaret Folkard
14. A ‘Brilliant’ Australian Sundial - Kevin Karney & Grant Calvin
17. A New Analemmatic Dial in Brighton - Jackie Jones
18. Sundials on Boulders - Martins Gills (PDF 532 KB)

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Our Silver Anniversary year has arrived and it is a great tribute to our Founding Fathers and many, many others that we have flourished so mightily since our foundation.

The Society has numerous monumental achievements to its credit. In particular, it has created a body of knowledge and expertise exemplified by our Bulletin, our Registers and by the free advice we give to the public.

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April 24 to 27th 2014

One of the main attractions of membership of the BSS is the annual conference. This year, being the Society’s Silver Jubilee, we are having an extended, three-day conference in Greenwich, the home of time measurement and the root of the Prime Meridian of the world.

Greenwich has so much to offer us:

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