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1. Editorial
2. Use Or Ornament? – Harriet James
7. A Decorative Tile Dial – John Davis
8. The Decorative Arts of the Portable Dialmaker – Mike Cowham
15. Reader’s Letter – Brightmer
16. John Carmichael—Sundial Maker in Arizona – Douglas Bateman
21. Lewis Carroll’s Sundial – Kevin Karney and John Davis
22. Painting with Light—A sculptor’s take on sundialling – Tim Chalk
28. Some Kindersley Sundials – Lida Cardoza Kindersley
32. In the Footsteps of Thomas Ross. Part 8: The Haddington Bowl – Dennis Cowan
34. Solar Obelisks of Russia – Valery Dmitriev
35. Lettering on Sundials – Ben Jones
39. Postcard Potpourri 30. Sterling Forest Gardens, Tuxedo, NY State, USA – Peter Ransom
40. Inspiration and Design of Portable Sundials – Jackie Jones
43. A Vertical Decorative Dial
44. Restoration of the Sundial at All Saints’ Church, Isleworth – Patrick Powers
47. The Slaughton Park Sundial – Dennis Cowan
48. Engraved Decoration on English Horizontal Dials – John Davis


Our 25th anniversary conference in Greenwich was hugely enjoyable and a great success. The venue, the splendid Wren buildings of the former Royal Hospital for Seamen, was certainly something to be savoured. Even the view from the gents was breathtaking! This conference was more than usually ambitious, with extra outings and tours, and we must all be grateful to Chris Lusby Taylor for the organisation and for overcoming a number of run-time challenges that were outside his control.

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William Hawkins Heath of Andover (1787 – 1861) was a Banker, Maltster and Coal Merchant, and served as Mayor of the town in 1840 and 1858.  In 1833, he designed a vertical dial for his home, Heath House, where the Savoy Cinema now stands.  That dial, which was rescued and can be seen now on the rear wall of the cinema, is in poor repair, but we have a record of it as SRN 4041.  Thirteen years later, Heath designed the dial shown here, which survives in better condition.  Unusually for a vertical, it bears a table of the Equation of Time, labelled ‘The Clock Set’, together with the warning to set your watch an additional 6 minutes faster for London time.  The motto ‘Respice Finem’ translates as ‘Look to the end’, in the sense of ‘Consider the effects of your actions’.
Thanks to Peter Ransom for the information and to Terje Hartberg for the photograph.

As part of Tony Moss’ continuing generosity to the dialling community, here is a collection of compass roses and borders that he has used over the years. Click to view the PDF then save it to your computer by right clicking while viewing. Alternatively the file can be downloaded directly in Adobe Illustrator by clicking on an entry right column.

Name PDF Adobe Illustrator
Alsace Compass Rose PDF
Compass Rose after Cary PDF
Cooke, Troughton & Simms PDF
Troughton (original version without border) PDF AI
Broken Key Border PDF AI
Broken T Border PDF
Roman fret border PDF