H&W assembled

This reproduction (NOT a ‘replica’ which would include antique patination and the blemishes of age) began life in 2010 at a NASS Conference when an original plate made by Heath & Wing of London was shown to me with a request for a full-size copy re-delineated for its new home on Prince Edward Island in Canada.  Lots of photographic studies were made, many including a mm rule for total accuracy.  Over several weeks the artwork for the dial was created ‘from scratch’ by hand using Adobe illustrator.  In particular, selected lettering from the engraving was traced at high magnification and sent to ‘Your Fonts’ who returned a TrueType font file to allow me to ‘key-in’ the inscriptions in authentic lettering.  Every other artwork aspect is the direct product of my own hand frpm many hours of ‘mousing’.

The dial plate in 1/4″ thick PB102 phosphor bronze was Ordyl film coated, exposed, developed and etched in my own facilities.  After milling the plate to a true circle the gnomon was hand sawn and milled to shape in 16mm Pb102.  Fitting is by transverse taper pins through the gnomon ‘tenon’ which protrudes beneath the plate with additional cross-bolting in the deep gnomon ‘tenon’ for mortar retention.

The dial was crated and despatched by air with a temporary covering of lo-tak film to prevent finger marking on initial handling.

Unfortunately this was left in place after installation until days before the inauguration when rain water had leaked under the temporary film blemishing the surface.  Despite clear instruction re how this water damage could best be removed I have never been sent a close-up of the installed dial.  Blemishes and all should equalise over time howsoever.

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