This is an excellent modern dial, made by John McCrindle of Bakewell in 1990, and dedicated to the memory of Roy Bubb, a prominent local councillor.  It stands in the town centre and, apart from its shadow-shy finish, is everything that a good sundial should be.  It is readable and accurate; it shows the Equation of Time and the Greenwich time offset of 7.5 minutes, to allow clock time to be determined, as well as the latitude and longitude of Bakewell and a compass rose.  On the side of the thick gnomon is engraved the direction of Polaris, the Pole Star.   The Latin mottoes “Hora Transit, Reditura Nunquam” and “Spectate Omnium Hora, Omnia Pulchra”,  may be translated as “The hour passes, never to return” and “Look ever at all things of beauty” (or please correct me – I am no Latin scholar!).  The dial stands on a fine plinth, and is signed by the maker, in minute letters along the foot of the gnomon.


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