The June edition of the BSS Bulletin will be delivered to members shortly. For those who can’t wait, or for non-members who want to see what they are missing, a sample article by Geoffrey Lane about the Pewterer’s Hall glass sundial is available now.


1. Editorial

2. The Chetwode Quadrant: A Medieval Unequal-Hour Instrument – John Davis

6. New Dials (1): A Horizontal Stereographic Projection Dial for South Africa – Malcolm Barnfield

7. 24-Hour Sundial in the Shadow of the Moon – Martins Gills

7. Total Eclipse 2015 – Douglas Bateman

8. In the Footsteps of Thomas Ross: Part 11. The Dyallis of William Aytoun – Dennis Cowan

15. Re-Imagining the Pewterers’ Glass Sundial – Geoffrey Lane

17. English Pottery Sundial Picture – Malcolm Barnfield

18. Who Made these Ivory Diptych Dials? – Mike Cowham

20. Mike Groom—Obituary – Ben Jones

21. Setting the Bead on an Horary Quadrant Without a Date Scale – Frank H. King

21. The Eclipse as Seen in Fife – Dennis Cowan

22. Anton Schmitz – Bildhauermeister; Or, how a young German soldier eventually joined the British Sundial Society – Douglas Bateman and Ursula Schmitz

28. A Proposed Heliochronometer – Alan Mitchell

30. New Dials (2): Armillary Dial in Eire – Mark Lennox-Boyd

31. Sundial Discoveries in India and Sri Lanka – Martin Jenkins

35. New Book – Bonnin

36. Restoration of the Hole Park Sundial – Brad Dillon

37. The Hole Park Dial, Unrestored – John Davis

38. Newly Reported Dials, 2014 – John Foad

41. BSS Annual Conference: Nottingham, 10–12 April 2015 – Geoff Parsons, John Lester, Irene Brightmer and Frank Coe

45. Minutes of the 26th BSS Annual General Meeting

46. Trustees’ Annual Report

48. BSS Accounts for the Period 7 February to 31 December 2014

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