The September edition of the Bulletin has recently been delivered to members. The list of contents follows and, as always, a sample article is available for non-members.

Courtesy of Ian Butson, the Author and Title indices for the Bulletin since 2002 have been updated and are available under the Publications menu.

September Contents

1. Editorial

1. Familiar Faces in Victoria, BC

2. The Sundial Herm at Ancient Messene, Greece – Andreas Galanakis and Martin Jenkins

7. Is this the World’s Hardest-to-See Sundial? – Frank King

8. The Magnetic Azimuth Dial – Mike Cowham

12. Cakes from the 2015 Conference

13. Artistic Images of Sundials – Valery Dmitriev

16. Alan Cook—Obituary – Tony Wood

17. The Shetland Islands: Reporting on Britain’s Most Northerly Sundial – Douglas Bateman

19. In the Footsteps of Thomas Ross. Part 12: A Foray into England – Dennis Cowan

20. Who Were the Makers of these Attractive ‘Flower’ Dials? – Mike Cowham

22. Analysis of a Roman Portable Dial – Frank H. King

30. The Nature in Art Museum Sundial, Gloucester – Ben Jones

33. Kirktonhall and its Obelisk (or Pawn?)

34. A Little-Known Cambridge Sundial… and the Story of its Restoration – Ian Butson

40. Scottish Obelisks and the Kirktonhall Project (and a Chess Set) – Dennis Cowan

41. Postcard Potpourri 32: Pilling, Lancashire – Peter Ransom

42. Dialling Instruments in Holbein’s Painting ‘The Ambassadors’ – Allan Mills

47. Reader’s Letter – Davis

48. The ‘Pelican Dial’ Picture at Bromley House – Tony Wood

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