Members should now have received the March edition of the Bulletin, back to full size and containing the Solar Data Card for 2015. It also contains the booking form for the 2015 Conference, to be held in April. People wanting to attend should return this as soon as possible.


1. Editorial

2. A Medieval Sundial from Lindos on the Island of Rhodes — Karlheinz Schaldach

5. New Dial – The Neuadd Dial 2014 — Mark Lennox-Boyd

6. A Mystery Sundial by Girard et Barrère of Paris — Martin Jenkins

10. Sundials in Madeira — Maureen Harmer

13. Michael Maltin: Spitfire Pilot and a Gentleman – Obituary — Doug Bateman

14. Dial Dealings 2014 — Mike Cowham

17. New Book — Savoie

18. The Moving Sundial of Ardrossan — Christine Northeast

25. A Theatrical Dial — Jackie Jones

26. BSS Accounts for the Period 1 January to 8 August 2014

28. Conarachne et Pelecinum: About Some Graeco-Roman Sundial Types — Jérôme Bonnin

32. Puzzle Corner

33. In the Footsteps of Thomas Ross – Part 10: A Mixed Bag of Sundials in Edinburgh — Dennis Cowan

38. Some New Sundials in St Petersburg — Valery Dmitriev

41. Some Old Sundials in South Africa — Henk van der Ham and Malcolm Barnfield

45. Semper Novus, Semper Idem – Two Slotted-Gnomon ‘Conservatory’ or ‘Parlour’ Pottery Dials — Malcolm Bishop

51. Canvey Island Dial — Patrick Arnold

52. Dumfries House Armillary Sphere — Brad Dillon

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