Over the years 168 Members have submitted detailed reports of dials that exist in the UK and Eire or of dials overseas that were made in the UK. The number of reports submitted by each varies from one to over a thousand!  Whilst every contribution is very welcome the dedication put in by some of our members is remarkable and here we salute the achievement of those members who over the years have submitted over one hundred reports. (Last updated August 2010)

A O Wood 1360
I R Butson 1296
D A Young 541
J Davis 507
A R Somerville (d) 435
J P Lester 352
A L James 330
J Ingram 316
P H Ransom 314
R B Sylvester 272
R & P Nicholls 246
J Foad 234
Norrthants W I 212
N TaBois (d) 198
C St J H Daniel 194
Carolyn Martin 163
C Lindsay 153
Margaret Stanier (d) 136
R & J Thorne 127
M N Rodber (d) 118
I Maddocks 116
A D Cook 111
D A Bateman 108