The Results !

The Winners (click on thumb-nail to see larger image)

Entry No. Title Photographer Position
13 Sundial Thief – Caught in the Act ! M Cowham WINNER
22 Crystals Mark the Even Hours D Hawker 2nd.
2 Oooh !  Get Off My Head M Cowham 3rd.=
3 Polar Pointing J R Davis 3rd.=

Winning Entries 2008-9

The other top ten entries – in Entry Number not Position order

Enrtry Number Title Photographer Position
6 The Bloody Sun at Noon M Taylor Top Ten
9 Moon Dial by Infra Red J R Davis Top Ten
10 No !  I Haven’t Any More Food For You M Cowham Top Ten
16 How Time Flies ! I R Butson Top Ten
19 Indoor Tomb Dial 1918 I Bri.phper Top Ten
24 Declining Dial and Daffodils D Hawker Top Ten

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